Parallax occlusion mapping and fire effect

As the final project in the High performance computer graphics course at LTH my group implemented the parallax occlusion mapping technique along with the fire effect used in the nVidia "Vulcan" demo. We showcased these techniques in the form of a simple tower defense type game. The player places flame throwers along a path on which multiple waves of differently sized snow men will traverse. The path itself is rendered using parallax occlusion mapping. The rest of the scene is however very minimalistic. 

Change log

  • Version 1.0 [2011-01-10] - Initial release.



The tech demo is implemented in C++ using the RenderChimp graphics engine which has been developed by the university for use in their graphics courses. It uses OpenGL and GLSL based shaders. 



  • Einar Holst - Programmer
  • John David "Jiddo" Olovsson - Programmer
  • Johan Olovsson - 3D models



Windows (.zip)