Tools and libraries

jOTServer - Java implementation of an OpenTibia server

The jOTServer project is a re-implementation of the OpenTibia server project in Java. While the project is now abandoned it still showcases several interesting technologies including aspect oriented programming using AspectJ, asynchronous networking using Apache MINA, and the Maven build system. It also happens to be the only one of my spare time projects where I have maintained even a partial JUnit test coverage. 

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Battlefield 3/BC2 admin tool

The Timeless Gaming Admin Console (TGAC) is an admin tool for Battlefield Bad Company 2 as well as Battlefield 3 servers. It is specifically designed to run as an unattended server/daemon in a server environment, providing in-game and remote support for administrators and players. It also provides a range of community-focused features including a shared centralized database between multiple instances, player reports and shared player statistics. The project enables interaction through both a set of in-game administration commands as well as through a custom network protocol intended for use by a front end graphical user interface. The project aims to be fault tolerant in the case of game server crashes, game server reboots or just general network connectivity issues. 

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NPC system for OpenTibia servers

This project is a series of scripting frameworks for reducing boilerplate behavioral code when scripting NPCs for OpenTibia servers. The recent versions now handle things such as customer queues, module system with standard modules for common tasks, advanced node based data structure for hierarchical conversations, highly configurable behavior using callbacks and modules etc.

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