About me

Hello! I’m John David! Thanks for stopping by my site!

I’m a software engineer based in Stockholm, Sweden. I specialize in C++ game development and I have a particular passion for networking and data communications. I am experienced with large teams and have worked on several AAA projects.

Games have been an interest of mine since I was a kid and this interest is what has brought me into game development and software enigneering as a profession. I enjoy both playing games and developing them.

One of my oldest gaming memories is playing Lemmings on one of the old school Macintosh machines back in the early 90s. Since then I’ve played lots of games across many different consoles and systems, but I finally ended up as an avid PC gamer. I’ve enjoyed lots of different types of games, but I particularly love deeper simulation and/or strategy games.

Naturally I also have a lot of other interests in life besides gaming. Some important interests and hobbies are music, vegetarian cooking, hiking, skiing and reading science fiction.