EA DICE (an Electronic Arts studio) in Stockholm, Sweden

2018-Present - Senior Software Engineer
2014-2018 - Software Engineer
2012-2014 - Associate Software Engineer

At DICE I am currently a Senior Software Engineer with the role of Studio Lead Network Software Engineer. This means that I am the lead engineer for the network domain across all the games developed by the studio. As part of this I am the technical lead for a small team of four engineers with a focus on networking and game server technology for our games.

Prior to taking on the responsibility of network domain lead I worked for some years as a generalist gameplay software engineer mostly focusing on multiplayer gameplay features and systems.

Lund University LTH (faculty of engineering) in Lund, Sweden

2010-2012 - Teaching assistant and lab assistant

During my own university studies I worked intermittently as a teaching assistant and lab assistant in the following computer science courses:
Programming - Second Course
Algorithms, data structures and complexity
C++ programming
C programming

Depending on the course this included assisting and approving other students during lab sessions, assisting and helping other students during exercise sessions and marking exams and hand in assignments.

Apptus Technologies AB in Lund, Sweden

2011-2011 - Summer job

Worked together in a small team with two other summer workers to develop a system for testing and evaluating the success rate of the company’s prediction based search and suggestion algorithms for e-commerce systems.

ST Ericsson in Lund, Sweden

2009-2009 - Summer job

Developed a solution for automated deployment of testing software onto the company’s test beds. This was mainly done as a prototyping effort and involved working with varous open source package management solutions and scripting installations and configuration of legacy software systems used for testing.