This was our entry for the Ludum Dare game jam that took part during the weekend of April 26th-29th 2013.

You are a small and minimalistic space ship armed with nothing but a low yield laser gun. In order to survive you must kill the evil potato and his battleship of death.

Shoot off parts from the enemy ship using your gun and fly to them to pick equip them on your own ship. Use the added shielding and firepower to lay waste to your enemy.

Use WASD to control your ship and the mouse pointer to aim. The left mouse pointer fires all available weapons towards your mouse cursor.


  • Simeon Atanasov - art and sound
  • Cem Eliyurekli - code
  • Einar Holst - code
  • John David Olovsson - code
  • Mark Wiseman - testing and tweaking

Developed using Java and Slick2D.

Update history:
1.0. Initial upload

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3

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Ratings (Game Jam)
Rankings are out of 736 total entries.

  • Coolness 71%
  • Graphics #20
  • Overall #42
  • Fun #61
  • Innovation #67
  • Humor #90
  • Mood #159
  • Audio #269
  • Theme #289