The Germaniac game was created for the Ludum Dare game jam that took place during the weekend of April 25th-28th 2014.

“A game about the fear of things below the surface of normal human eye vision”

Play as the germ-fearing mr. Fancypants and help him survive his phobia induced panic attack. Avoid the oncoming masses of people who just want to get in contact with him and shake his hand… cuz he’s famous, ya know…

Use the arrow keys to guide mr. Fancypants through the town in search of the ultimate sanctuary - the golden porta-potty!

In case someone does catch mr. Fancypants in the corner and starts shaking his hand, tap the space bar to shake the person off.

Use regular porta-potties to wash the germs off mr.Fancypants’ hands and give him a bit of a moral and psychological boost, before he completely flips out. While in the porta-potty, use [w],[a],[s] and [d] to control the left hand and the arrow keys to control the right hand.

Look for the hidden hazmat suit to get some serious protection against those pesky germ spreading peeps, but be careful - walking around town in a hazmat suit is like wearing a clown outfit at a funeral.

Pay attention to the bar on the top of the screen - it will show you just how deep down the spiral mr. Fancypants currently is. Get him completely covered with germs and it’s lights out.

Jiddo, Cnap, Cem - code
Tofuman - graphics, sounds and music

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2 Screenshot #3 Screenshot #4 Screenshot #5

Downloads and Links
Windows (.exe)
Crossplatform (.jar)

Ratings (Game Jam)
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  • Humor #11
  • Audio #74
  • Innovation #117
  • Overall #154
  • Mood #158
  • Graphics #160
  • Fun #195
  • Theme #430
  • Coolness #1718