The Last World was our entry to the Ludum Dare game jam during the weekend of April 20th-23rd 2012. This was our first time participating in the Ludum Dare.

“You are a tiny little world in a big and hostile solar system. Try to survive by dodging solar flares, black holes, asteroids and more. Pick up moons and use their defense turrets to defend yourself.”

A physics/gravity simulated space survival game with charming 2D graphics, sound effects, particle effects and an awesome original soundtrack. Enjoy the ambiance of space!

Note! Moons can shoot lasers. Click when you have a moon in orbit to shoot.

Made by 5 Swedish university students, participating in Ludum Dare for their first time:

  • Simeon Atanasov - Graphics and sound
  • Cem Eliyurekli - Programmer
  • Einar Holst - Programmer
  • John David Olovsson - Programmer
  • Marcus Wennermark - Programmer and coffee maker

Details: Developed in Java using the Slick2D engine and JBox2D for physics.

Update history:
1.0. Initial upload.
1.1 Some performance improvements.

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

Downloads and links:

Ratings (Game Jam)
Rankings are out of 330 total entries.

  • Coolness 100%
  • Audio #46
  • Theme #74
  • Innovation #77
  • Fun #84
  • Overall #88
  • Graphics #106
  • Mood #114
  • Humor #144