Our entry for the Ludum Dare game jam, developed over the weekend of December 14th-17th 2012.

You are a Boss. You have kidnapped a princess. Now the king has sent out all the heroes of the land to save her. You must not let this happen!

Taking refuge in your very own evil dungeon, build a maze of lethal chambers with deadly traps and nasty minions to stop the heroes from getting to you.

Each hero that dies in your dungeon will drop shiny gold for you. Keep in mind that different heroes have strengths and weaknesses against different types of hazards. Vary your chambers accordingly!


  • Cem Eliyurekli - code
  • John David Olovsson - code
  • Simeon Atanasov - art and sound

Developed using Java and Slick2D.

Update history:
1.0 Initial upload

Screenshot #1 Screenshot #2

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  • Theme #2 (silver)
  • Fun #3 (bronze)
  • Coolness #3 (bronze)
  • Overall #4
  • Mood #27
  • Innovation #49
  • Graphics #81
  • Humor #94
  • Audio #134