This project is a series of scripting frameworks for reducing boilerplate behavioral code when scripting NPCs for OpenTibia servers. The recent versions now handle things such as customer queues, module system with standard modules for common tasks, advanced node based data structure for hierarchical conversations, highly configurable behavior using callbacks and modules etc.

Version 1 [2006-11-12] - Initial release.
Version 2.00 [2006-12-27] - Major release. Object oriented structure. Customer queue. Keyword nodes. Buy multiple items at once.
Version 2.01 [2006-12-28] - Bug fixes.
Version 2.02 [2006-12-28] - Bug fixes.
Version 2.03 [2006-12-29] - Bug fixes.
Version 2.04 [2006-12-29] - Bug fixes.
Version 3.0 [2007-02-21] - Major release. Revised code structure. XML based configuration. Improved keyword handling to support more complex conversation trees. callbacks. Modules.
Update #1 [2007-02-22] - Improvements of standard modules. Additional examples.
Update #2 [2007-02-22] - Added support for additional message tags.
Update #3 [2007-02-22] - Improved the StdModule.
Update #4 [2007-03-17] - Added a new standard module for travel NPCs. Additional examples.
Update #5 [2007-03-18] - Added module for simpler addition of trivial question-response type behavior.

This project was developed using the Lua scripting language. It is a high level framework that interfaces with the low level Lua function bindings made available to NPC scripts by the OpenTibia server project.

Version 3.x direct download (.zip)